10 Reasons Why Too Much Soft Drinks is Dangerous


Who doesn’t like soft drink? From children to adults, all love this non-alcohol carbonated beverages. It feels fresh in the throat, and some people even replaced consume water with soft drink. Well, actually this is dangerous, because too much soft drink in a long time can caused many health problems. Why? Read these:

  1. Soft drink drain the fluids in the body. As any diuretic, instead of giving water to our bodies, soft drink is spending it. Processing of high levels of sugar that contain in soft drink requires a large amounts of fluids in our body. To replace this fluids, people should drink 8-12 glasses of water for every glass of soft drinks.
  2. People usually consume soft drinks to replace water. This is wrong, soft drink is not the necessary fluid that the body needs. Without drinking the actual water, it will cause dehydration, and reduce immune system.
  3. High levels of phosphorus content in soft drink can crush vital minerals in the body. Mineral deficiency can cause heart disease (magnesium deficiency), osteoporosis (calcium deficiency) and more. Most vitamins also can’t function in the body without the presence of minerals.
  4. Try to wipe the rust from metal object using soft drinks, it works! Imagine what it can caused to your digestive system and other body parts.
  5. High amounts of sugar in soft drink causes the pancreas to produce insulin in large quantities. Unbalanced sugar level can cause diabetes and other diseases.
  6. Soft drink also contains large amount of caffeine. Too much of it can block the metabolism system. It takes weeks to digest soft drink that consumed with french fries.
  7. Soft drink contains aspartame, which connect with depression, insomnia, neurological disease and many other diseases. FDA has received many complains that connected with aspartame.
  8. Soft drink is highly acidic, it can melt aluminum if kept too long. Alzheimer patients who have been autopsied all have high levels of aluminum in the brain. Heavy metals in the body can cause neurological disorders and other diseases.
  9. The human body naturally has a pH of 7.0. Soft drink has a pH of 2.5. It means too much soft drinks will lower body’s pH. Body’s pH of cancer or arthritis patients are always low.
  10. It causes obesity!

Well, those reasons don’t mean you can’t drink soft drink at all, just not too much, and never get addicted of it!