The Normal Peeing Frequency in A Day


How many times a day are the normal frequency of peeing? This is a commonly asked question, especially by people who have great concern about diabetes. Actually the numbers are vary between each individuals. There is someone who can pees only twice a day, while the other need 6-8 times, and the unlucky one goes to the loo every one or two hours. Peeing to frequent is not always a sign of diseases, there are many factors that affect someone’s urinating habit.

Among those factors that affecting the frequency of urinate are the number of liquids consumed, weather temperature, diuretic substance that stimulate bladder (contains in alcohol, tea, coffee, or other drinks with caffeine in it), and the size of bladder.

To check whether you’re “normal” or not, instead of counting how many times you pee in a day, you better check your urine’s color. If your urine has neon yellow or tea brown color, then you might have a dehydration. Try to add 1-2 more glass of water in your diet program. In the contrary, if your urine has no color (clear), and you feel that you’re peeing to much, just reduce 1-2 glass from your daily consumption.

The Bladder Size

Now, there is one factor that greatly affecting your urinating frequency, that is your bladder size. Some people have a small bladder (300 ml), medium (500ml), large (800 ml), or very large (1000 ml+). That’s why there is a man who can holds the urgency of peeing for many hours, while the other need to piss every hour.

You can’t change your bladder size (except via surgery) because it’s genetic, but you can practice on how often you go to the bathroom. If you go often the bladder gets used to it so try push the limits by waiting 15-30 min a day and then increase it gradually. Eventually you will reach a limit and you also have to think about how much you drink. Remember not to push your training until it feels hurt, because it can causes infection and bladder stone. Just release when you’re feeling quite full.

There are certain conditions that you need to watch, that is when you’re peeing to much when you not take enough drinks, or when your urine color still dark even if you already drink many liquids. If this happens in quite some time, than you might need to check yourself to an urology clinic.