Laser Hair Removeal Method


Human’s body naturally comes with hair in numerous area, but not all of them are wanted, both by men and women. For aesthetic reason, men usually don’t like hair in back area, while women prefer to have smooth armpits and legs. Besides for beauty, there are other causes why people want to shave their hair, they are for medical, sexual, work requirement, religious, and cultural reasons.

The most common method of hair removal is by shaving or trimming, using razor or other bladed implements. The next most popular methods that usually chose by women is waxing and sugaring. However, those ways have their drawback, that is they must be done regularly. For those who seek permanent hair removal, laser hair removal is a wise option.

Using laser hair removal technology, light is directed at the hair and is absorbed by dark pigment, resulting in the destruction of the hair follicle. The hair removal becomes permanent after one or more sessions. Note that permanent here refers to “permanent hair reduction” not “permanent hair removal”, meaning that patient will have a stable reduction of hair growth over the long-term process.

Asian girl with smooth underarms.
You won't be needing Photoshop if you've done laser hair removal :)


Laser hair removal has some temporary side effects, which include pain, itching, redness, and swelling around the treatment area which only last for couple of days or so. Serious but rare side effects are blistering, scarring and skin texture changes, while the more common one is change in skin pigment. Considered as one of the safest methods, patients are usually worry more about laser hair removal cost than its side effects.

Laser hair removal prices are vary between $200 to $500 per session. The problem is, someone will need minimum of 5-7 sessions to eliminate 60-80% of hair, depends on type of hair, skin color, and which area of the body that want to be remove from hair. There are also a possible additional cost for medication and touch-up sessions.

However, since laser hair removal is effective, less painful, reliable, and delivers fast result, those pricing are considered acceptable by people who wants to undergo this procedure.